From the development to the series production (or production of individual parts) up to individual packaging solutions, we are your reliable partner regarding safe and functional medical products. Specially developed software and different CAD and FEM systems are available in our company and used for spring calculations. We support you from the start of our cooperation and provide you the know-how of a 125 year old "company which is rich in tradition and enthusiasm".

Compression springs
Our compression springs which are produced on CNC machines with very high precision are available from a wire diameter of 0.15 mm. With our name we guarantee process stability and exactness. Different materials can be processed.

Torsion springs
SCHERDEL produces torsion springs in different materials and dimensions. According to your requirement we produce torsion springs from 0.20 mm – various combinations are possible.

Wave springs
We produce our wave springs – stamped or coiled – on special machines which were developed in our company.

Spiral springs
SCHERDEL spiral springs are made of flat material – first they are wound up in order to release a torque. The thickness of our spiral springs is at least 0.05 mm.

Wire forming parts
Our modern machinery with CNC machines and fixed tools enables us to produce any wire shape from 0.10 wire diameter.

We welcome your ideas at any time!

Stamping and bending parts
Presses of all common scales are available in the SCHERDELGroup – therefore stamping and bending parts belong to our standard program – we produce from 0.15 mm material thickness.


Compression springs: from 0.15 mm wire diameter
Torsion springs: from 0.20 mm
Wave springs: 0.20 x 2.0 mm
Spiral springs: from 0.05 mm strip thickness
Stamping and bending parts: 0.05 mm from 0.15 mm material thickness
Wire forming parts: from 0.10 mm wire diameter


  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel, coating with zinc or zinc-aluminum
  • Special material


  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Vibro finishing


  • Ultra sound cleaning
  • Clean room class 7