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We have mettle in metal!
The drug device delivery market segment has seen amazing innovations in the past couple decades and is poised for much more change and improvement for the benefit of the patient, Doctor, developer, manufacturer and insurance provider. As we all know, change doesn’t come without challenges, failures, demands and setbacks. In the face of these inevitable events, there is a great need to cope well and face these demands in a spirited and resilient way.
It is against this backdrop that Scherdel Medtec says – “How can we be mettle for this market segment?” We want to lean in and cope well to help be part of the solution and support innovators in the drug device delivery development cycle.
The Scherdel Medtec blog is dedicated to covering the drug delivery industry trends, innovation & inspiration; and sharing our technical expertise to accelerate product design and development across this dynamic market sector in the broader pharmaceutical industry.

The products that Scherdel Medtec designs, and manufactures are focused on metal components such as compression springs, spiral springs, constant force springs, power springs, rolled stamped housings, wave springs, torsion springs, wire form components and metal/plastic combination sub-assemblies.  These precision metal components are designed and manufactured to our global customers exacting specifications.  In a nutshell, we make metal components for the drug device delivery market segment. 

This blog that is dedicated to drug delivery device metal components, has been titled Mettle as a play on words.  The word mettle derived originally from the word we use for metal.  Mettle is defined now as a person’s ability to respond well to difficulties.  Scherdel Medtec works with global customers on developing metal components in their devices that overcome difficulties in drug delivery.  This market serves billions of people the world over making their lives healthier, safer and alleviating pain and life-threatening conditions.   Mettle is our platform to communicate solutions and insights to overcoming difficulties in the drug delivery market.  We will share global trends and insights as well as our own teams’ technical expertise.


We have a whole list of topics we want to cover, but we want to get your input too.  Let us know what challenges you are facing or question you can’t seem to find the answer for or decisions you are struggling with as you face a myriad of options for your medical device.  Whether you’re a development engineer, a research professional, student, purchasing guru or manufacturing expert – we want to hear from you. 

We aim to respond and help our customers overcome difficulties in the development and manufacturing of their drug delivery devices.  Scherdel has over 130 years of deep expertise and broad experience in the design and manufacturing of springs and metal components.  You might say we have mettle in metal!


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Globalization has affected nearly every industry over the past several decades.  Manufacturers attempt to take advantage of the abundant raw materials and low-cost manufacturing available around the world while meeting the needs of their ever-expanding global customers.  Scherdel Medtec has been part of this trend as well as we continuously seek to meet the needs of our customers and their global needs.  The goals of this global supply chain move from the customers perspective is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risk.