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‘Twas the night before Christmas, and engineers near and far, Had visions of Scherdel springs dancing like a shooting star. Not visions of sugarplums, but coils of metal bright, Delivering drugs with precision, a medical delight.

In workshops and labs, not fireplaces warm and grand, Springs were being stamped, shaped by a practiced hand. From flat strips of steel, to intricate forms they’d take, A symphony of bending, a coiling ballet’s awake.

Each spring a tiny marvel, a masterpiece of design, Engineered for purpose, in each delicate line. For drug delivery devices, these heroes in disguise, Pushing medication gently, a life-saving surprise.

Simulations whirred, data points a twinkling array, Optimizing performance, for a brighter, healthier day. Family and colleagues, a team with hearts alight, Driven by a mission, to make the future just right.

For patients in need, their care the ultimate prize, Scherdel springs a promise, in each tiny device. So raise a glass high, to the engineers bold and true, Whose springs bring hope and medicine, a Christmas wish come true.

May their coiling dreams continue, their innovations abound, Scherdel springs spreading joy, on silent, helping ground. For in their dedication, a love for mankind takes flight, A Christmas gift of engineering, a future ever so bright.

The Co-Op Diaries: A Peek into the Life of a Summer Engineering Co-Op

This summer, I completed my first engineering co-op rotation with Scherdel Medtec North America. From quality engineering to international travel, it was a whirlwind experience. I was able to continue the ISO 13485 project from last year’s internship, immerse myself...

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We Mettle in Heat

We Mettle in Heat:    A casual thought on how heat is used in spring making. Metal is a fascinating substance. At room temperature It's strong and hard, but also elastic and malleable. A paperclip can easily be bent into a new shape but is still strong enough to...