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Springing Minds into a Nano-Future

By Mykah Schafer

Being aware of advancements and developing technologies as a supplier is a necessity. As a medical spring supplier this statement holds a lot of weight because medical advancements are constant. One of the up and rising technologies that is being used in medicine today are nanoparticles.

Currently, there are only a handful of approved nano medications, but Scherdel Medtec is doing our due diligence to make sure once the market is ready, we will be there to provide for our customer’s needs.







One of the difficulties that comes from nanofluids is the unpredictable flow. Having such a large collection of nanoparticles can cause the medications to react differently under the pressure of a syringe. There has been a lot of research to determine how to calculate the flow of fluids filled with billions of tiny particles, but nothing currently understood remains universally true in nanofluid cases.

Scherdel Medtec is already thinking on the struggles that these unknowns may cause for manufacturers when trying to determine reliable administration methods. We are aware of the differences between nanomedicine and the current injectable medications. We want to work with you to engineer springs that will inject your medication easily despite the additional complications of nanoparticles.

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